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    Miss. Giulia Bonfanti

    Mr.Povel Sonkup & Keith Harvey

    Mr. Micheal Jacombs

    Mrs. Julianne Hughes

    Mr. Patrick O’Gorman

    Mr. Michel Lavernge

    Mr. Duke Dinn

    Mr. Claudio Panozzo

    Mr. Mads Lang

    Mr. Andrew Fisher

    It would like to recommend most highly the quality of any dental work carried out by Dr Pratana or her staff at Dentist @ 51 Bangkok Thailand.

    I travelled to Thailand from Australia in October 2007 on holiday and to have some major dental work carried out at the same time. I could not afford the cost of such work in Australia.

    I found Dentist @ 51 through a contact in Bangkok. The clinic was the same as any good dental surgery back home.

    I required 9 crowns (8 lower front and 1 upper side).

    Dr Kim a local dental specialist in this type of procedure carried out the work at Dr Pratana’s surgery. All the work was completed in 7 days.

    I am very happy with the result the quality of which is up to the standard of Australia and at a cost much less than in my home country.

    I fully recommend any services carried out at Dentist @ 51 Bangkok Thailand. –

    Andrew, AUSTRALIA, October 2007

    Antoine, Oct. 5, 2006

    I only have good things to say about your dental office. everybody was nice, the place is clean, my teeth are cleaner and whiter.

    Christopher Carnac Carnac, July 6, 2007

    just to say your services are well worth travelling half way round the world for (I am currently in Calgary Canada), so you can take it I am entirely delighted by the services your practice provides!

    Don Miller, Nov. 1, 2006

    I wish that dentists in my country were so obliging and helpful.

    Lan Hunter, Feb. 2007

    On holiday recently in Bangkok I had the misfortune to break a tooth leaving only the root. I was fortunate to have a Thai friend who attended Dentist@51 and recommended them. The team spoke perfect English and was able to explain the options open to me and answer all my questions. My situation was fairly complicated as the tooth root had calcified and the tooth next to it was in need of treatment. Plus I had a fairly complicated bridge which could have to be replaced. Everything was done in an impossibly short space of time and I was impressed by the time and care taken to make everything fit perfectly. The bill for this treatment was a fraction of the cost of similar treatment in the UK and the speed could not be matched even with a private dentist.

    I did not fully appreciate how good your treatment was until I returned home. My own dentist (Private-not national health) was really amazed at the standard of work carried out. Your plan to cover two roots was exactly what he would have proposed. He asked for details about root canal treatment and said the procedure was exactly right.

    He was really impressed with the bridge I received and said he could not have had one made in the time it had taken and it would probably have cost at least 3 or 4 times more than I had paid. My dentist also said his treatment would cost 4 times what you charge in Britain and up to 10 times that amount in America.

    He also said he “‘took his hat off” to the dentist that fitted it. He could tell from adjustments made to me dentures how much care had been taken to make a perfect fit.

    Now I am back home I realize how lucky I was to have met you and how comfortable I feel with my teeth.

    My dentist said the work done was perfect and he was really impressed. Without your patience and understanding I would probably not have proceeded with my treatment.

    Micah, June 2008

    I thank you for your good work, and I will come back next time. I was impressed with the service. Thank you for all your help, and I will surely use your services

    Mr. Shawal Affendy

    Mr. Juti Jumroenketpratipe

    Dr. Abdo Showah

    Karren Herrera, August 2008

    The staff and doctors are very professional people. They really understand what have to be done. We had a very good service, especially me and my husband, extremely friendly.

    I truly recommend their services to anyone especially for us that we live away from Bangkok. We live in Sydney and are Australian residents. We had a good experience and will recommend Dentist @ 51 to friends for sure…. – Karren Herrera, August 2008 –

    Bangkok dental team is the hygienic, modern, and friendly dental clinic I have been to, I have  a perfect implant from there that look and feel natural.  The clinic  is also very cool and convenient to come here by skytrain. The dentist excellent quality of work and their highly professional. The facilities were clean and modern. I am glad to have found here ( Bangkok dental team dental clinic).

    Mr. Paul Slicker., USA , July,16,2013

    Miss Leslie Gardner, She is from United State. It’s with my full humility and great admiration that I would like to thank you for the great job you have done. You showed outstanding work ethic and great dedication to the work you do. Thank you again.

    Best and  warm regard, Leslie Gardner ( August,31, 2013)

    Thank you for your wonderful service and dental work. You have all been so helpful, polite and reassuring. You have made the experience a very pleasant one for me.

    Mr. Shawal Affendy, (January, 3,2013)

    Mr. Juti  Jumroenketpratipe, Thailand

    I have found the service and the professional standard to be one of the best I have experienced in my many years of traveling and working overseas. I would recommend your company to my workers and company for any dentistry work they may require.

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Abdo Showah, a physician from the USA. ( January, 30, 2012 )