• Dental Laminated Veneer

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    Veneers are done to cover teeth discoloration.

    Q : What is “Veneer”?

    A : A “Veneer” is an artificial enamel showing in the front and is made of plastic or ceramic in order to substitute a real surface of a natural tooth which might be loss or has an unwanted discoloration.

    Q : How many types of Veneers are there? And what are they?

    A : There are 2 major types of “Dental Veneers” classified by the process of making a veneer.

    Direct Veneer : made directly inside the mouth

    Indirect Veneer : made in the laboratory and delivered to the mouth.

    If classified by material used for making a veneer, there are 2 types of material used:-

    Resin Composite

    Ceramic or Porcelain

    Q : Which type is best?

    A : Veneers are made for the same purpose, no matter what they are made from. Since Ceramic or Porcelain are more esthetic, natural-like, and stronger than resin, a choice of Ceramic or Porcelain Veneers are selected when esthetic and strength are major concerns. However, they are pricier than that of resin and consume more dental visits due to the fact that there are laboratory procedures. On the contrary, resin type can be done directly inside the mouth and can be finished in one setting. Therefore, if you have limited time and budget, while getting an acceptable esthetic, then a choice of resin type can be selected.

    There is, however, another type of resin veneer that is made from the laboratory which will give more esthetic and strength, but still cannot compare to that of a ceramic type.

    Q : When is the time for Veneers?

    A : Veneers are usually made on the front teeth area or on all visible areas – especially when smiling or speaking. When having tooth surface loss, filling up the area may not yield esthetic result or not so strong, or in case of tooth discoloration and teeth whitening cannot efficiently work, Veneers can be used in these cases.

    picture1 Veneers are done to cover teeth discoloration.


    Besides, Dental Veneers can be made when teeth are not in good alignment, such as, spacing or crowding. Veneer shape can be designed to cover the spacing or the crooked area. However, veneer should be done for minor correction of teeth mal-alignment only, not severe case which can be corrected by some other means, such as, orthodontics, false teeth, etc.

    picture 2 High canine has been extracted and cover the spaced area with a veneer to have a harmonized look without having to undergo orthodontic treatment.

    picture 3 Spaced teeth can be covered using Dental Veneers resulting in a better smile.