• Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

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    Teeth pulled in orthodontic case

    Q : Is it necessary to have teeth pulled in every orthodontic case?

    A : Generally, orthodontics needs to have movements of teeth. In case of very little space for such movements, for example, crowded teeth, then it is necessary to gain space for teeth to be able to move. This can be done by either having some of the teeth pulled out or reducing the size of some teeth. If there is enough space, for example, some teeth had been pulled out, have missing teeth, or generally spacing, then it may not be necessary to pull out more teeth.

    Q : What about wisdom teeth? Do they need to be removed before braces?

    Or can be done afterward?

    A :

    “Wisdom teeth” have never been wanted by any dentists; therefore, even if not having orthodontic treatment, they are strongly recommended to be removed. This is to help make the cleaning inside the oral cavity easier and more thoroughly. However, the necessity of wisdom teeth removal depends on many factors; for example, age, teeth and gum condition, etc., which the dentist will evaluate individually.

    Oral care in those who have orthodontic appliances in the mouth is more complicate than in those who do not have. If there is any wisdom teeth that are hard to take care of, the teeth are usually advised to be taken out. This is not just for orthodontic purpose, but also for a better oral hygiene. If found that the wisdom teeth may come up in a direction which can push other teeth out of the alignment, then to remove the wisdom teeth prior to or during orthodontic treatment is recommended. If not, then after orthodontic treatment is done, the well-aligned teeth may move to undesired position causing problems of rotated or crooked once again and the patient needs to come back to redo the braces all over again to straighten the teeth. This time, the orthodontic process maybe more complicated than the first time. Wearing retainers is still necessary as retainers can help keeping the teeth into their aligned position although the wisdom teeth have not yet been removed. The problem of crowding is likely not easy to occur. Nevertheless, to remove the wisdom teeth is still recommended – especially, when the wisdom teeth have erupting direction that can push other teeth to move out of alignment.